Dubai Crossfit: Why People Like Crossfit

Ever wondered why there is a lot of people getting into Dubai Crossfit? Are you also wondering if this could be a good sport for you?


There are many benefits both physically and mentally if you start Crossfit. The most obvious is if you are trying to lose weight, then you can lose it faster with Crossfit exercises. Most of the exercises in a Crossfit program are high intensity interval training and you use your body weight in order to do them. That means fewer or even no exercise machines needed to do the exercise. All you use is your body weight so you are challenging or forcing your body to use its calories to do the movement.

Compare this to a traditional gym where you see a lot of machines designed to make it easier for the person to execute the exercise, thus the body does not have to work harder.


Another thing that makes Dubai Crossfit very popular is the way the program is designed. You have to do different exercise every day so there is no same program for a day. This is attractive to people because they do not get bored easily doing one type of repetition over and over again. When you are working out, you actually need to think and pay attention to the next exercise you are going to do.


Most people like doing different exercises because they are not just mindlessly following a routine. They can see if they are improving by the way they are able to execute better each movement. It is also more fun to do different exercises because you do not feel time passing by compared to if you are just running on a treadmill for one hour.


Have you ever thought about how long it takes to complete your workout at traditional gym? Then you know that you can easily spend 1 hour to 1.5 hours trying to go through your entire workout. But with Crossfit, you only need about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the workout for the day and your level. This is because each session of Crossfit is only for about 30 to 40 minutes since they are high intensity and very fast-paced. It has actually been studied that shorter workout but more intense are more effective in losing weight and brings more muscle development and fat trimming compared to just purely cardio exercises that last for hours.


If you are wondering if Dubai Crossfit is best for you, you can start by going to those trial classes at different Dubai Crossfit gyms. You can have your own personal trainer to first guide you with executing the movements and also answer questions you might have about the program.


When doing Crossfit, just remember that you should still go on your own pace and do not be intimidated with the other people doing the movement. Each one of you is at a different level and will execute the movements differently depending on your ability and fitness.

Here is a video to see how a Crossfit workout goes: